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Welcome to Pahoa Pearls Bath Bombs 


and Sexy Toys and Bingo

20.00 Oysters with Pearls​​

Come for the fun, stay for the excitement, play and win some cool prizes.  A great night of fun is right around the corner.  


Sexy Toys and Bingo 5pk

Our Sexy bingo 5 pk. is our best offer.  First you get an extra card.  Second, your entered into exclusive giveaways and third you play 2 extra games for prizes not available during regular play.   

Sexy Bingo 5pk.

Hold on tight ladies and gentlemen as we have a wide array of gifts as prizes for our bingo party.  Some of the prizes include oral sex massage gel, whisper air vibrators, bondage dice game, nipple clamps, sexual position playing cards just to name a few. 

Purchase our 5pk and play tow special games to win 2 special prizes not available during regular play.  You wont want to miss this.  Also be entered into two special drawings not available to others.  These gifts will blow your mind.  Revealed the night of the game. 

Pahoa Pearls and Bath Bombs is excited to introduce to you our exclusive line of CBD bath and body products.  From CBD Bath Bombs, Bath Salts and Sugar Scrubs to or coming soon Body Lotions and Salves.  You can find these products under the Canna Bomb Tab. 

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to open another one again!

— Amanda Steward