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Pahoa Pearls

The Birth of Pahoa Pearls

Hello and welcome to Pahoa Pearls.  My name is Bridget McCammon and in 2013 my husband and I went to Hawaii for our wedding anniversary.  We stayed in Honolulu and I instantly fell in love.  I fell in love with the people, the culture, the food and the Island to the point that when it was time to leave to come home I refused to get on the plane.

My husband told me if I got on the plane that he would move me to Hawaii within the next 5 years and to please get on the plane.  As I was literally sobbing at the fact I had to come back to the states, my husband whispered in my ear, "I promise I will get  you back here."

9 months later we were on a plane with literally 200 pounds of luggage, four carry ons between the two of us, our electronics, etc and we were moving to Hawaii!!!!  Of course we could not move to Oahu, the cost is too high so we chose a more affordable island..........Hawaii.  We first moved to Hilo which is on the east side of the Big Island and then we decided to go to Pahoa. 

Pahoa is a little hippy town about 15 miles south of Hilo in the Puna district, Puna meaning water.  Pahoa is filled with people from all over the world, its a great place for those who like the simple things in life, clean air, the beautiful ocean and the love from the people on the Island.  Their motto, "Live and let live" 

I had once asked what Pahoa stood for.  I was told there is an acronym for it.  People Actively Helping Others Achieve.  Just that alone made us feel we where right where we needed to be.  Unfortunately we did have to move back to the states to help one of our children.

On our first trip in 2013 we went to the International Market which is huge off of Waikiki.  It was here that we had our very first oyster opening experience and it was the coolest thing ever!  I looked around the bowl and picked out the oyster that I wanted opened.  It was like Christmas, I couldn't wait to see what was inside.  I was hooked!

The second time we had an oyster opening experience we lived in Hilo and ended up at Hilo Hatties which is very famous on the East side of the Island.  Here we picked out the one we wanted and the woman opened it for us to reveal..........TWINS!!!!!  Well if I thought I was hooked the year prior, I was super addicted now!

We want to offer all of you that same wonderful experience that we shared together, my husband and I, when we had our first oyster opened and revealed to us.  Its truly a one of a kind experience and we are so very excited to bring this experience into your home regardless of where you live, all done live online on Facebook.

As the last two years have passed and with more and more people selling oysters with pearls in them we started to make our own bath bomb line of products.  We started small with just a few different kinds and have now a myriad of different shape and sizes.  We feel that adding some of our pearl products to our elite luxury bath bombs would be a good idea and it was! 

We enjoy making our bath bomb products for the companies that purchase wholesale from us as well as the individuals who have come to love and enjoy our products.  As we phase out of doing online parties we still offer our oysters both at the wholesale and retail level.  For wholesale prices you can send me a message through Facebook.