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20.00 Oysters with Pearls​​

What Treasure Will You Find


Yes, you can earn FREE Pearls!!!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get an oyster, open it and find an amazing treasure inside?  Now you can and you can do it for free.  You MUST bring your friends and family to your party as this is your party and your sales are based on your efforts.  We will start preorders as soon as the link is up on facebook and will work with you to ensure that you achieve your goals.

All you  have to do is just host a live online event, I do all the work and you earn so much!

Just for having a live party you get to pick and open the first oyster of the night.

With $200.00 in sales you get a FREE Pearl Necklace and Earrings set

With $275 in sales you get another oyster

With $500 in sales the night of your party, earn a all of the above plus another oyster, two of our signature bath bombs, another piece of our mounted jewelry and FREE SHIPPING plus 20% off any 1 item!!!

How great is this!!!  So much for free!!!

What are you waiting for?  Lets get your online Party set up today.

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