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Pahoa Pearls

Pahoa Pearls Fundraising

Pahoa Pearls is pleased to announce Phase II which consists of the fundraising aspect of our company.  After months of hard work we are ready to launch and are so happy to be able to offer you our specialty bath bombs and one oyster gift set as part of our products catalog.  We are sure that a fundraiser with Pahoa Pearls will be a fun event netting you an amazing 30% profit!  The fundraiser will run for 2 weeks with a 2 week turnaround on products delivered.  We are sure this new aspect of fundraising will be a hit with any and all groups that need to raise some much needed funds.

If you are interested in learning more about our fundraisers please send an email to us or contact us at 570-234-6815 

Hiring Fundraising Representatives

If you are looking for a part time job with full time pay and a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity look no further!  Pahoa Pearls and Bath Bombs is looking to train individuals as Fundraising Specialists in your area.  We have a great commission structure.  Message us or call us and we will add you to our training group.  There is no fee to join!