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Pahoa Pearls

Pahoa Pearls Want You to Join Our Team

Being a consultant for Pahoa Pearls is easy, fun, profitable and very rewarding.  We have two different kits that you can choose from.  We have our basic starter kit and our full business kit.  Regardless of the kit that you choose you will be off and running in no time in getting a name for yourself that sets you above the rest in the pearl industry.  Our Senior Executive Directors along with myself, will work with you every step of the way to ensure your success.  Wait...............did we mention we have two programs where you get to keep ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF YOUR PROFITS?????????  Yes you read that right!

When you work at a flea market or do a vendor event, you will purchase all your supplies from Pahoa Pearls at a great discounted price to turn around and sell them at these events and you keep 100% of what you made!!!!!!!!!!!  What company do you know of that will allow you to do that and those sales count toward monthly goals and challenges to earn some great product from us.

Why Pahoa Pearls?

Online and in home parties have a different percentage rate that will be discussed with you.

We are the one true and only founder of buy an oyster and get a free chain and cage.  Many have replicated us but there is no one out there like us.  We give away beautiful Sterling Silver chains with our oysters as well as beautiful plated cages. 

How to Join

Simply contact one of our Directors or myself directly and we tell you all the benefits and perks of being a Pahoa Pearls Consultant.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today!