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Welcome to Pahoa Pearls Bath Bombs 


and Sexy Toys and Bingo

20.00 Oysters with Pearls​​

Come for the fun, stay for the excitement, play and win some cool prizes.  A great night of fun is right around the corner.  


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My Product

Pearl Party Fizzers

You asked for it and now we carry it......our pearl fizzers are sure to surprise and please. The colors of our pearls are a big favorite in the pearl community,  We can do twins and trips.  These are available for wholesale orders only in lots of 10.  These are only 2.50 each

Pearl FIzzers

Akoya Shell Oyster

Come enjoy all the excitement and order an oyster with a beautiful cultured fresh water pearl inside.  What color will you get?  White, Pink, Green, Tangerine, Lavender, Gold or even maybe a Black.    These are available for wholesale orders only in lots of 10.  
Oyster Purchase

Membrane Frames to Hold your Pearls

What a cool and innovative way to display the pearls that you have won or purchased, you can set them anyway you like or change them around.  Makes a great conversation piece and looks great anywhere its placed.  Wholesale prices are also available.  Please message me on FB for more information.

Membrane Frame