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20.00 Oysters with Pearls​​

What Treasure Will You Find


Pahoa Pearl Shell Fizzers

You asked for it and now we carry it......our pearl fizzers are sure to surprise and please.  Will you get a single pearl? A set of twins of the same color? A set of random twins? No one knows until we pop this into the water and see whats inside the capsule.  We will only have 20 available for the month of September, preorder yours while they are still available

Pearl FIzzers
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Akoya Shell Oyster

Come enjoy all the excitement and order an oyster with a beautiful cultured fresh water pearl inside.  What color will you get?  White, Pink, Green, Tangerine, Lavender, Gold or even maybe a Black.  We can open your oyster live online on Facebook or we can have it mailed to your house for you to open yourself.  Either way, the surprise is an amazing pearl.  Each oyster purchased comes with a free cage and a Sterling Silver chain. 
Oyster Purchase
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Membrane Frames to Hold your Pearls

What a cool and innovative way to display the pearls that you have won or purchased, you can set them anyway you like or change them around.  Makes a great conversation piece and looks great anywhere its placed.

Membrane Frame
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Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Cage

Our beautiful sterling silver Claddagh cage surrounded by beautiful crystals is sure to please anyone.  We only have 4 in stock so please be sure to order yours. This is just the cage, no pearl or chain comes with it.  Message me if you would like to add a chain.

Sterling Silver Claddagh Cage
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